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For alternative people. Get your message out in a site which lets you shine the way you deserve. Be you a seeker, a sage or an armchair activist. Just… be you.

For Small Budgets

Like every other time in history, those with money can afford the education, the products and the flash. We say, no more (because we really like The Flash).

And Loud Voices

Technology can amplify minority voice. If you’re ready to take yours to the next level, get in touch and let’s discuss how you can make a bigger impact.


The Odd Bods


Website bod
Poly Parent and Victorious Adoptee.


Branding bod
Loves dressing in all things corset-like.


Content bod
Sensitivity editor and Gentleman Goddess.


Data bod
Analysis makes life worth living.

Stuff We Do

More than a Feeling

How a website makes you feel is all about branding which impacts images, content and direction. Your voice will be more powerful if you align it with archetypes which reside deep within us. The Queen. The Joker. The Explorer. Explore your brand with us.

Who’s Your Audience?

Our society has done all it can to erase minority voice. If you want to know how your content might offend or exclude minorities, we can give it a sensitivity edit for you. The final choice is yours, but if you do offend, you can be sure it won’t be out of ignorance.

Got Content?

Most of our clients have their own content and want to keep it that way. But if you do need some extra content to get started, then we can create it because we’re also published authors, corporate copywriters and prolific bloggers. Writing is the Source.

Let’s Talk Money

Use our estimation calculator to see roughly how much a site will cost, bearing in mind that we work by the hour, but we aren’t robots. Some things may take more or less time. When you’re done, you can press send to start a conversation with us.


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Most folk can pull together a website nowadays. But gone are the days when a site was an impersonal marketing brochure. Looking like word, copied and pasted online. How does your information flow? How does each element further enhance who you are?

To reach and move your audience, you have to ask the right questions. Like… if your website was a person you met at a party what would they be like? How would they talk? What would they look like? What would they say? What would they stand for? And here’s a great question – would you like them?

We pull together all the resources at our disposal to help you have confidence in your online persona. And here’s one you can have for free…

  • Connector.

    How to Build An Extraordinary Relationship with Your Audience

    By Branding Bod

We know about…

Wordpress Websites
Configuration, Themes, Plug-ins, SEO...
Archetypes, Colours, Logos, Social Media...
Content Creation
Storytelling, Copywriting, Blogging, Online Voice...
Minority Sensitivity
Ableism, Surviving Abuse, Diverse Sexualities, PoC, Poor shaming

We don’t know about…

because only you know about you.

Concessions Available

We both employ minorities and offer assistance to those less financially privileged.


Billions and billions. That’s how many WordPress themes it feels like we’ve gone through. Free and paid – Genesis, Elegant, Solostream – to name but a few. I’ve loved them all for different reasons, but as web design evolved many started to look clunky. Blogs added artisan shops, and expanded functionality but with it also clutter.

When we looked at theme X, we realised it was so vast, that if we wanted to do it properly, it should be the only thing we do.

Theme X can be flat and minimalist, or retro and edgy. It’s extremely versatile and handles gracefully. Plus, once you’ve got the hang of it, it’ll support and even enhance your creativity.

You can see an external review of Theme X here.

You’re unique, and so are your needs. We’re always happy to chat about which service might be suitable, for example you may be only interested in a sensitivity edit or content creation and that’s totally doable.

But you should also know that some of these services build off one another. It’s difficult to customise your site to your voice, for example, if you haven’t considered colour and images. So think carefully about minimising cost whilst maximizing impact.

If we receive your order in working hours, your site can be set up in a week. With WordPress. With a theme. With full functionality.

But if you are like most people, the set up is quick, the finding of your online voice and personality is a process. A journey. Personally I think it’s pleasurable, and worth taking your time. Most of the folk we work with take 1-2 months, but you can do it in a few days if you prefer.

Yes. The point of this initiative is not to underestimate the value of what we do, but to make it easier for you to get a great site at a low price and with added flexibility. Payment terms are unique to the customer.

We’re a group of freelancers who support one another. All rates for each piece of work are those which we’ve decided individually and there’s no overhead or mark-up. Whatever you pay for will go straight into the freelancer’s pocket, excluding paypal fees.

We work on a don’t screw each other basis (because the world does that too much already).

You’ll notice the billing comes from a company called ‘Investment Impact’. It’s incorporated in the UK, where one of us is based. The rest of us are in San Francisco and Sweden.

We work online, partly out of necessity due to disability and parenting commitments, partly because that’s how us introverts like to connect.

We hate contact forms. So impersonal. So you can either go through the website quote builder above an send that over or email*.

*No email links on the web because despite its kudos with Monty Python, we hate SPAM. So you can reach us at website bod’s email address:

Louisa [at] s106 [dot] io

And they will reply in a short while (and within working hours).